Lake Rotorua Cruise Highlights

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    The Rotorua Lakefront is a favourite spot for both locals and visitors to the region and is the base location for Lakeland Queen.

    The Lakefront Reserve features BBQs, picnic tables and other areas perfect for family-oriented activities. The reserve is also used for many public events such as craft markets, pony rides and concerts. Children will enjoy the Volcanic Playground with a range of play equipment for them to enjoy.

    With a range of birdlife to view, lake edge photo opportunities and lovely board walk following the edge of the lake all the way around to Sulphur Point it’s a relaxing place to enjoy.

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    Sulphur Bay

    Sulphur Bay is the stunning geothermally active area of Lake Rotorua, featuring mud pools, naturally hot water, steam vents along its edge and milky white lake water it makes for wonderful photo opportunities. It is also a Wildlife Refuge and Wildlife Sanctuary home to an array of bird species including the nationally threatened New Zealand dabchick, banded dotterel and black-billed gull.

    The gulls found in Sulphur Bay are very unique in that they are not commonly found in geothermal environments.

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    Mokoia Island

    Mokoia Island is sacred to Maori of the Te Awawa iwi with an area of just 1.35 square kilometres it is the location of one of New Zealands most famous legends – that of Hinemoa and Tutanekai.

    It is also a bird sanctuary home to several rare species including the North Island kokako, the North Island Brown Kiwi and the North Island Saddleback.

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    Kawaha Point

    A beautiful residential suburb of Rotorua with homes located on the lakes edge.

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    Ohinemutu – the living Maori Village and home to the historic Tudor style St Faiths Church. The location was chosen for its lakeside setting and abundant geothermal energy, used for cooking, bathing and heating.

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    Lake Rotorua

    The largest lake in the district and the most productive trout fishery in New Zealand. It offers spectacular scenery with unique geothermal features – including the beautiful Sulphur Bay and surrounds, popular fishing spots and probably New Zealand’s best known lake island – Mokoia Island.

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